Municipal Region of Platanias

This region comprises a dream land to visit with its 6549 inhabitants according to the 2011 census. Numerous interesting tourist destinations , areas of  great natural beauty for nature lovers as well as villages with glorious history make up this municipal region where  the Town Hall of the new Platanias Municipality is , in Gerani.


The town of Platanias has recently developed into the most important tourist resort of the greater Western Crete region since the number and quality of choices and facilities make it unique and self-functioning.


What is great about this village is that you can enjoy everything without having to move away from where you are based , Platanias is full of excellent restaurants and tavernas emphasizing the local cuisine and local products, grown in the area, magic beaches with all the necessary facilities, especially intense night life and the old town perched on the hill top overlooking the sea and the beautiful colours of the scenery all day…


If you follow the country road along the coast , from the centre of Platanias to the west , you come across many small villages, each with its own special characteristics and beauty,


Pirgos Psilonerou and Gerani are the first ones. Gerani is situated on two different levels : one along the coast and one inland, something very usual in the Venetian times when the inhabitants fled the coasts in order to avoid attacks from pirates. You may find the vast Gerani beach with its picturesque taverns and its neat accommodation so tempting that you will decide to “drop anchor” right there!



By turning left from the main road to the inland, you  soon come across the little settlements of Loutraki, Modi, Vrysses and Patelari lying  in the fertile Platanias Valley, ready to “show” you their chapels and their rich olive groves and orange groves and treat  you to  nice hot coffee in the main square.

Back to the road along the cost, you can stop off at Maleme. The name of the historic village is connected to the Battle of Crete. The German cemetery is a reminder of all the events that took place there but also of the fact that we should forgive and move on. The magnificent beach, the tranquility of the scenery and the hospitality of the locals are things that will make your stay there exceptionally pleasant.


Not far away from Maleme lies another main village, Kontomari. In the centre of the village, the memorial reminds of the tragic execution of all the male population by the Germans in retaliation for their participation in the Battle of Crete. The village streets and the surrounding settlements comprising Kontomari are also worth a visit: from Pirgos Psilonerou near the coast, to Metochi, Kilada and Xirokambi . You will leave the area full of images, scents and experiences.


As you drive deeper into the inland you come across numerous little villages, Xamoudohori, Kyparissos,, Zounaki, Manoliopoulo and lastly, on the border of the municipality, Deres. Built on the banks of the tributary of the Tavronitis river, the Pnigaris river, the village is rich in picturesque little chapels “swamped” in a “sea” of green vegetation .

You can get more information on the Municipal Unit of Platanias, its local communities and settlements as follows

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