Municipal Unit of Voukolies

This unit comprises of Anoskeli, Voukolies, Kakopetro, Neriana, Nio Choryio, Palia Roumata, Polemarhi, Tavronitis and Chrysavgi. It is located in the eastern part of the Kissamos Province along the valley of the Tavronitis river.


According to the 2011 census, there are 3,116 people living in the 34 settlements of the 12 villages of this unit and they are mainly farmers and stock raisers. Their main product is virgin olive oil well known for its miraculous qualities. There is also a plentiful produce of chestnuts, dairy products, meat, wine, honey, vegetables, figs, walnuts and citrus fruit.


Therefore this unit comprises a unique 76 sq. kms puzzle with natural beauty . The landscape is varied –plains, hills, mountains- enchanting and  remaining unforgettable for its visitors.

Tradition is dominant in its lovely neighbourhoods, combined in harmony with some more modern touches in the villages of the plains. Its people are friendly, pleasant, eagerly offering hospitality to the visitors of the area.


Last updated 14/04/2011


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