Municipal Unit of Moussouri

This Unit comprises of 12 communities having 22 settlements. It covers an area of 192 sq. kms. With a population of 4026 inhabitants according to the 2011 census. It stretches from the plains around the Keritis valley to the mountain peaks of the Lefka Ori (White Mountains).

Visitors are enchanted by the beautiful villages, the unique natural beauty of trails for nature lovers, the Omalos plateau with the  bare granite rock mountain “Gigilos”, and the entrance to the world famous Samaria Gorge (Xyloskalo) but also by the villages of the Keritis valley :Alikianos, Vatolakkos, Skines, and Fournes.


In every season of the  year this land is beautiful from its lowest to its highest point, from its blossoming orange trees to its snow-covered mountaintops.


The main occupation of its people is agriculture and stock raising and , of course, in the area near and around the Samaria gorge, tourism.


You can find many tavernas and traditional cafes all over the Moussouri unit enlivening the little villages and making them ideal winter destinations on cold winter Sundays.

Last updated 16/08/2012


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