Municipal Unit of Kolymbari

This unit came from the union of 17 communities consisting of 49 villages and smaller settlements. According to the 2011 census, its population was 5042 inhabitants in an area of 150 square kms. It is only 20 kms away from Hania.


Its landscape is varied with equal share of plain, hilly and mountainous parts. Most of its areas are on the coast. When going from one village to the next the scenery changes continuously : the sea, the  mountains, valleys, plains, ravines, rocks – all these comprise inter changeable pictures which combine with the deep blue of the sky and the bright sunshine  gripping the eye of the visitor.

In most of these villages the inhabitants are occupied with agriculture and stock raising. They cultivate olive trees , citrus trees , vineyards ,  and vegetable gardens . They produce the best olive oil, honey, wine, meat and dairy products in the world. Those closer to the coast make their living fishing. Recently there has been quite a development in the tourist industry as well.


Last updated 16/08/2011


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