Applications #bochackathon 2017

  • 0xGG

    1st advertisting system blockchain / google ads out / 2nd parent account kid account tokens / loyalty scheme / behavioural patterns /
  • babysitting

    UTRUST.IT is a Public IBAN Repository. legal /physical entities can login into there boc account and publish specific. Account information (IBAN/BIC/Owner Info) people can subscribe to be able to consume the IBANs through an API
  • Coccounians

    Understanding your transactions better • Automated promotion suggestions based on buying habits • Better visualisation of spending habits • Better management of savings • Enhanced loyalty to the bank’s products
  • CodeDuo

    Mobile payments QR codes API
  • CyCoders

    Piggy account to save some amount from each transaction
  • EasyCash

    EasyCash is intended to provide an opportunity for any person or company to act as an ATM or deposits machine, incentivised.
  • Empty-Coffee-Cups

    Budgeting app / manage money, support, transfer younger generation, chatbots, save a bit of money every month, end retire
  • Error-404-Name-Not-Found

    evelop easy to use and fun web applications
  • Ficbot

    An Android ChatBot powered by IBM Watson
  • Fig Pay

    Payments as intended by God