CrowdPolicy empowers organizations to discover and utilize tacit knowledge by providing tools and consultancy for the implementation of procedures’ redesigning. We provide crowd-sourcing services for procedures’ development and redesigning for Organizations and Governmental institutions.

Our goal is to provide services which activate cooperation within the organizations and increase the efficiency with new products, services and improvement of internal procedures.

Corporate Presentation


CrowdPolicy develops solutions for the Private and Public Sectors
check parties
formulate policies
monitor governments
  • shape policies through
    real-time participation
  • mobilize civil servants,
    users and non-governmental
  • control the implementation
    of mandates
  • provide services to governments,
    agencies, local authorities and
    problem solving
    corporate governance
    new products
    company ethics
  • involve employees and
    customers in service
    re-design and development
  • redesigning of internal procedures
  • design of new products
    and services
  • facilitate innovation
  • provide and analyze feedback in real-time
  • facilitate intermediary communication
    between producers and customers
  • enhance CSR and Company Ethics



    Crowdpolicy offers platforms, a suite of applications and business consulting services that take advantage of the convenient and cost-efficient open source software-as-a-service and develop both internal organizational processes and external communication and interaction channels with stakeholders.

    Our services address to both the public and private sector and NGOs.

    They address to each organization aiming a sustainable manner to co-operate with customers, employees, sales network and suppliers!

    • Funding Capacity building for public and private sector - Support at national and european funded projects and Grants
    • Project management
    • Open Innovation Consulting (Read more @wikipedia)
    • Set up crowdhackathons to design, improve and engage
    • Business Analysis & Strategic Management
    • e-gov consulting
    • Multichannel Ιnteractive web platforms websites and tailor-made application for Large Organiσations, SMEs and public sector.
    • Digital platforms and web design. Communication of the organisational impact through visualisations (show case)
    • Feedback collection - customers’ satisfaction measurement and engagement
    • Collaboration platforms - social intranet
    • Advanced Crowdsourcing information systems | loyalty and engagement management (show case)
    • Open-data, OpenApis and Data analysis platforms (Read more)
    • Online Deliberation
    • Crowdfunding
    • Post it platform
    • Projects @map - Accountable Public Project Management
    • Cityagenda
    • Social WiFi

    Read more about crowdapps.
    Read more (en | el)


    crowdhackathon can be applied for the public and the private sector!

    Read more (en | el)

    • Innovation & Entrepreneurship Hubs for Public and Private Sector
    • Citylabs : A community project to help greek cities and develop the local human capital. Read more (el)
    • Q-engine - Evaluate processes and services (show case)
    • Oengine > Oengine (el)

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    • Use and develop state of the art technology
    • Facilitate innovation
    • Implement audience-building – listen to clients, delineate and analyse their input, improve products
    • Facilitate intermediary communication between producers and customers
    • Develop proposals for the enhancement of corporate governance
    • International partnerships


    Crowd360 Is our methodology to support and implement projects and provide services.

    See the status of our infrastructure and services online


    with over 10 M unique
    hosting over 20K comments
    13K social reactions
    11M transactions
    events and workshops
    with totally over 10K
    communities with
    over 22K members

    Indicative Projects

    Selected Case Study


    a crowdpolicy concept granted
    by the Bloomberg Foundation!

    Population: 660.000

    Challenge: Civil Engangement

    The devastating economic crisis has affected employement, as well as life in urban centers in Greece. Athens will create an online platform that will connect the new dynamic input of civil society with local institutions and local goverment to collaboratively devise solutions to local promblems, ensuring solid foundations and sustainable policies for the revival of Athens' neighborhoods. more ...


    CrowdPolicy collaborates with a selected network of experts, which covers the range of CrowdPolicy’s service and product provision. Our partners can be found within reputable Academic institutions, IT and Communications Companies.
    We are proud to admit they have been involved in small and large-scale international projects carrying out results. They have accumulated extensive and in-depth experience in developing solutions for businesses, public agencies, and NGOs.

    Crowdpolicy is a Private Company registered in Greece and Crowdpolicy Limited is a Limited Company registered in England and Wales. Both are fully owned by the founding partners George Karamanolis, ICT Consultant, CTO and Michael Psalidas Dipl. Electrical Engineer Managing Partner.
    George Karamanolis
    Co-Founder & CTO/CIO
    Michael Psalidas
    Dipl. Electrical Engineer
    Managing Director
    Vicky Foteinou
    Account Manager, MBA
    Ioanna Skiada
    Business Consultant
    Margarit Koka
    Senior Developer
    Marilou Thomopoulou
    Head of Creative
    George M. Chaniotakis
    Fotini Lathouri
    Administrative Assistant
    John Pazios
    Crowdpolicy Geographer
    John Skianis
    Data Analyst
    Christina Garidi
    Business Development, UK
    Eleni Fouka
    Business Development Support
    Androniki Siriamioti
    Intern - Digital Marketing
    Fabrizio Colapietro
    Intern - Crowdsourcing - Open Innovation
    Paola Deepa Spagnulo
    Intern - Digital Innovation at Immigration
    Vasilis Trapezanoglou
    Advisory Board
    Petros Kavassalis
    Advisory Board
    Michalis Vafopoulos
    Advisory Board
    Spiros Kapetanakis
    Advisory Board
    Tel: +30 212 213 4475
    Fax : +30 212 213 4476
    email: [email protected]
    twitter: @crowdpolicy
    facebook: CrowdPolicy

    If you want to work with us or be a member of our team, send us your cv.