Artificial Intelligence era is upon us and still we don’t know exactly how to use it and how this will take place in our everyday life in the upcoming future. There are a lots of techniques that can describe and develop an artificial intelligent system, one of them is to start from the zero point, from the empty universe. Computers industry started when man wanted to release himself from hard work problem solutions, difficult and strict works to be done and extra big calculations with the goal to start spend time to much more advanced fields, something like this will happen with AI too.

People in our days are using a lot their computers and this is just fine. In decision making AI, the software should learn to make decisions for the system. The programmer will develop this “autonomous” decision-making to run and react by its owns “decisions” and calculations. But, is this individuality and real program’s decision or programmer’s consciousness? Well, we need to start with something! In time the AI system will learn more about its environment and it will react smoother than first, like babies. First things first, a baby starts learns from zero, like our system explained above. He starts to learn by having reactions with other objects, humans, society, a crowd. The baby starts to learn fast, but a ready one-human based consciousness, maybe learn much faster during reactions with a crowd (because is a computer, it can do a billion calculations in less than one quarter of the second, this makes sense).

The crowd, as a group of people, think, make decisions, learn and act. Imagine obtain and store all these reactions, information and beliefs in one place, this is crowdsourcing. “Crowdsourcing is the process of obtaining needed services, ideas, or content by soliciting contributions from a large group of people, and especially from an online community, rather than from traditional employees or suppliers.” is the crowdsourcing definition. Well, lets now consider to take the opportunity to data mine crowdsourcing results and import it, in a serial way, with matching techniques into this “consciousness”. Our AI system, will learn by a several big amount of data, which means we will have a lot if different instances of each object and a different connection to each other. By using this, the power of crowd, we maybe be in place to say, that this consciousness will use a catholic “think” way to act and react to different circumstances and it will start to have an objective consciousness, an it’s own consciousness. In this way, the AI system that will be created, would be used in common problem solving issues, that would compare standard knowledge with crowd’s opinion – thoughts.

That’s is what we do, we compare with each other and learn from it, transferring data, beliefs, interests and much more. With the proper tools of crowdsourcing, we collect them in one place and then we grab the results. Why not Artificial Intelligence? Just an idea.

Chaniotakis M. George
Developer,  Crowdpolicy

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